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Who we are
We provide a new shopping experience by bringing to our customers the leading brands they demand. Our core mission is to make the shopping experience an easy, efficient, and worth one. We are committed to deliver to our customers genuine products from certified suppliers and leading brands. Driven by a professional team that makes your online interaction a more authentic shopper and merchant relation.

Ordering through our website rely on the customer given information.
The customer opens an account with full details and upload doctor's prescription ( For prescription lenses), For colored lenses ( Plano ) the customer can choose from various brands and colors without any prescription needed. Although contact lenses are considered medical device but it is surly a routinely product for the wearer. As well as for fashion customer must read well the size chart .

Genuine Products Only
In we are committed to carry only genuine products from thelocal authorized distributors. Why?
Authorized Local distributors guarantee the product is genuine and guarantee any manufacturing defect that might be proven.
Thus the end users benefit from the warranty and make sure they will get the full service of what is paid.